Tuesday June 18, 2024 a.d.Paone 11, 1740 a.m.


We are very happy to announce by the grace of God the publication of a book containing unique vesper, matins, and liturgical Gospel responses for every Sunday of the year. This book, which was reviewed and introduced by H.G. Bishop Youssef, bishop of the Southern Diocese is based on the Arabic and Coptic Gospel responses that are found in Tarteeb el-Beya which is a compilation of manuscripts written between the 11th and 14th centuries. We hope that this book becomes well circulated within Coptic churches in English speaking countries because these Gospel responses expand and expound on the meaning of the individual Gospel readings so that the response becomes a meditation and fitting conclusion for the Gospel reading and sermon of the day. The book is $15 plus shipping.

Please contact us for bulk orders at contact@wiscopts.net

Below you will find a sample of one of the week's responses.

Sample Page