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The Coptic Church

Sons of Pharaohs

The Copts are the rightful ancestors of the ancient Egyptians. The term “Copt” is derived from the Greek word “Aigyptos” which is in turn derived from the ancient Egyptian word “Ha-ka-Ptah” which means, the house of the spirit of Ptah, a most highly revered deity in Egyptian mythology. Since the Arab conquest and until today, this term refers to the Christian Egyptian, distinguishing them from the Muslim Egyptian. When the Arabs conquered Egypt in 642 A.D., all the native Egyptians were Christian. Therefore, they called Egypt “Dar-el-Qypt” which means, the home of the Copts.

The Copts are the direct descendants of the ancient Egyptians or the “modern sons of the pharaohs” and the Coptic Orthodox Church is the indigenous Church of Egypt. They played an essential role in the whole Christian world, especially during the first five centuries.

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Our Church

The first Coptic Egyptian family to arrive in Milwaukee, Wisconsin was in 1968. Since then, more families arrived in Milwaukee as well as in Madison, Appleton, Fond De Lac, and also in other areas of Wisconsin. The number of families in the state of Wisconsin now exceeds sixty.

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God's Work with Us

It is the story of every church, not only our church. It is the unceasing and unlimited work of God in His church. God’s work exceeds our imagination and is far beyond every mind. What we are going to write here is a testimony of the marvelous work of God; who supported us when we failed, and encouraged us when we despaired. We testify here our weakness to glorify His holy name.

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