Below you can find the presentations from the talks given at the all day servant's retreat Oct. 2012

An Orthodox life of Service

Evaluating Service

The Faithful Servant

Prayer and Service

The Eyes of Christ in the Service 


These are the presentations from H.G. Bishop Paula's Family Retreat (Dec. 6-8)

Lecture 1-Appearance of the Home

Lecture 2-Unity of the Home

Lecture 3-Unity of the Home (Part 2)

Lecture 4-Prayer in the Home

Lecture 5-Spiritual Reading in the Home


Here are 2 of the presentations that were given during the 2009 Parents/Servants Seminar to download for those of you who might have missed it!!

Download pdf of Dr. Atef's 1st lecture

Download pdf of Dr. Atef's 2nd lecture


This is the presentation given on Nov. 7, 2009 by Dr. Atef about adolescence 

Download the powerpoint