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·      Saint Philopater was born in 224 A.D. in the city of Eskentos in Cappadocia (Eastern Asia Minor.) The word Philopatyr is a Greek word that means Father of Love (Patyr = father, Philo = love). His family used to live on hunting wild animals. One day his father Yares, along with his grandfather, were hunting in the forest when they were attacked by a wild beast. The animal jumped on the grandfather, and that scared Yares so much that he fainted.

·      While he was unconscious, he had a vision: he saw a brilliant light and heard a voice saying, "Yares, I am your God who loves you. I know that you have a good heart and that you hate the pagan idols. I want to inform you that your son Philopatyr will become like a tree bearing good fruits, and because of him, I will bless you and your wife. Philopatyr will be my witness and will defy all prejudice in my name."

·      Shortly after, Yares, his wife and his son were baptized and they were given new names. Yares became Noah, his wife became Saphina and Philopatyr became Marcorios. The news of their baptism spread quickly in the city and the prince ordered them to be arrested and thrown to the wild animals. But the Lord, who shut the mouths of the lions at the time of Daniel, tamed the wild animals and they did not harm them. The prince and his soldiers were astonished and decided to release Yares and his family.

·      When the Berbers attacked Eskentos, Noah went to fight them. He was taken prisoner and was brought to their foreign country, where he served them for seventeen months. When the war finally ended, he went back to his city and joined his family, but he died shortly after.

·      After the death of Noah, the pagan king Dicius chose Marcorios to replace his father. He led the army against the Berbers. After several days of fighting, the archangel Michael appeared to Marcorios holding a shining sword. He said, "Marcorios, servant of Jesus Christ, don't be afraid. Take this sword from my hand and fight the Berbers with it. Don't forget your God when you come back victoriously. I am Michael the Archangel, whom God sent to inform you that you should suffer for the Lord's name. I shall be with you and support you until you complete your testimony. The name of our Lord Jesus Christ will be glorified in you."

·      The saint took the sword from the Archangel. He went to fight the Berbers with two swords. He conquered them as he felt the  divine strength fill his heart. When Dicius heard the news about the triumphant victory, he was very pleased. He appointed Marcorios prince and gave him many honorable medals.

·      In 249 A.D. Dicius blasphemed against Christ and started persecuting the Christians. He issued a decree compelling everyone to offer sacrifices to his pagan gods. The Archangel Michael appeared to Marcorios and told him to remember his Lord and not to be scared of the persecutions. The saint was happy of the encouragement he received from the Lord and spent the whole night praying fervently, and confessing his weakness to God.