Christ’s Relation with His Mother and St. Joseph


As the Virgin became a mother without marriage, St. Joseph became a father without marriage (Luke 2:48; Matthew 13:55, 56; Luke 4:22) and Jesus was subject to them (Luke 2:55). St. Ephraim the Syrian explains the relationship between St. Joseph and Christ the child saying, “Joseph was playful with Him as a child, while worshiping Him as God. He found his pleasure in Him as a good Lord, and as a just God he trembled at His presence saying, ‘Who made me worthy to have the Son of the highest as my son’.” The Holy Family used to go to Jerusalem every year for the Passover feast (Luke 2:41-51), and the incident where they were looking for the twelve years old Boy Jesus, who lingered behind in Jerusalem, is the last time Joseph was mentioned in the Bible. He was not present neither during Jesus’ ministry, trials, crucifixion nor resurrection, which is an evidence of his departure being an elder man.


The Lord Christ was called “The carpenter’s Son” (Matthew 13:55), and He spent the first thirty Years of His life in Nazareth, and was called many times “Jesus of Nazareth” (Matthew 21:11; Mark 1:24). His first miracle was in Cana of Galilee, as an answer for His Mother’s request (John 2:1-11). The virgin was the mother of Christ, not only because of her motherhood, but because her spiritual saintly life, as she was doing the will of God (Luke 8:21) and in keeping His commandments and his words. No doubt that the virgin shared with her Son bitter sufferings, just as Simeon the elder prophesied to her (Luke 2:34, 35). And before the Lord Jesus gave up His Spirit, He delivered His mother to his celibate apostle John (John 19:36, 37), because she had no one to take care of her, after Him. Jesus’ love to her was very obvious, as He spent with her 90 % of the time He granted to all mankind, since He spent with her the first thirty years of His life, making the time of His ministry on earth to be only three years and four months.

The End of Her Life


St. John took her to his own home, as his mother, from that hour before the burial of the Savior. We couldn’t find any Biblical proof that St. Mary visited the empty tomb of Christ; to emphasize her strong faith in His resurrection that does not need any physical proves. St. Luke, in the book of Acts mentioned that she continued with the apostles with one accord in prayer and supplication (Acts 1:14).


The Lord didn’t desire that the body in which He dwelt and took His humanity from it, to be subject to deterioration and corruption; so He took her body up to heaven, after her death. She departed at the age of sixty, fifteen years after the Lord’s ascension, when an angel was sent to inform her about the time of her departure. She was very happy and asked the apostles to be gathered with her, then her Son and Savior Jesus Christ came and received her blessed soul on Sunday 21st of Tobi (January 29th). The church tradition tells us that when the holy apostles were carrying her body for burial, some of the Jews obstructed them and one of them tried to attack the carried body, but his arms were separated from his body and he was crying bitterly. After the prayers of the apostles, his arms were reattached again. So they buried the body in the mountain of Jehoshaphat.


St. Thomas the apostle saw her blessed body carried by the angels to the paradise, while he was returning to Jerusalem, so he made haste and kissed the sacred body. When he met the apostles he asked about her body, so they took him to her tomb only to discover that it was empty, so he informed them with what he had seen. Fulfilling their request, the Lord allowed them to see her sacred body, one more time, in 16th of Misra (August 22nd).