In 1978 the Browning Institute awarded him the prize for the best Christian Preacher in the world 


He also received 3 awards for dialogue, religious tolerance and human rights

He works to extend pastoral care to every city, village and family throughout the See of St. Mark around the world

He increased the Egyptian dioceses from 23 to 50 

He has ordained 119 bishops, 3 patriarchs for Eretria, and over 1000 priests

He established general bishoprics, including the 1st  Bishopric of Youth
The number of monasteries increased to 25 for monks and 7 for nuns

He established and opened the 1st Coptic Culture Center and St. Mark General Library in November 2008

He established 26 dioceses abroad

He is the 1st Pope to ordain Bishops for the Dioceses in USA, South America,Australia and Europe

He also established 488 churches in 55 countries (170 in North America only), 7 theological seminaries and 6 monasteries all over the world

Through his never ending desire to shepherd the flock, he has paid more than 98 pastoral visits to 38 countries on 6 continents