Aaron’s rod:

 Korah and his followers claimed for themselves priesthood, and dared to practice it using censors. They rebelled against Moses and Aaron. So the Lord ordered Moses to get 12 rods, one of each tribe, and to write the names on them. Then he should put them before the ark, so that the Lord will choose whoever He wants to serve in priesthood. It came to pass on the next day that Moses found the rod of Aaron, of the house of Levi, had sprouted and put forth buds, and had produced blossoms and yielded ripe almonds (Num17:1-8). This rod represents St. Mary because she gave us the fruit of life without the seed of man.


The theotokia said about the Virgin Mary, “The rod of Aaron which blossomed without planting or watering resembles you. O who gave birth to Christ our True God without the seed of man, and remained a virgin”, “Like the rod of Aaron that blossomed and brought forth fruit. For you gave birth to the Word without the seed of man, and her virginity was not corrupted”. The words of this Theotokia also glorify her over that rod by saying, “You are truly exalted more than the rod of Aaron, O full of grace. What is the rod, but Mary, for it is the symbol of her virginity. She conceived and gave birth without a man to the Son of the Highest, the Word Himself.


The Golden Lamp stand:

God ordered Moses to make a lamp stand of pure Gold with seven golden lamps (Exud25:31-40).   The lamp stand represents St. Mary, the mother of the true Light who enlightened every man coming into the world. The theotokia talks to her saying, “You are the lamp stand, made of pure Gold, carrying the ever-burning lamp. That is the unapproachable Light of the world that proceeds from the unapproachable light. He who dwells in your womb, O Virgin Mary, gives light to every man who comes into the world. For He whom you have born is the Sun of Righteousness, and He has healed us of all our sins”. Moreover, the mother of the Light became greater than the heavenly creatures because she carried the True Light who shone from her when she had born Him; while those creatures are not able to look at Him. The theotokia also stated, “All the ranks on high cannot resemble you, O golden lamp stand that carries the True Light”.

Conversely, the church, i.e. the believers, became lamp stands (Rev1:20). We, the believers carry the Lord when we take communion, (His body and blood) to be the light of the world (Matt5:14, 16).