There is also thanksgiving over what is hidden, over what is unseen:

  • Thanksgiving for the (spiritual) wars and troubles, which were possible to come to us but did not, because of God's keeping and care.
  • Thanksgiving for the work of God in looking after us, although we cannot see that, but we completely believe in it.
  • Undoubtedly, Satan is doing his utmost to harm us and to make us fall. If we are now well, it is because God has stopped the harm which we do not know and we thank God over the tribulations from which He saved us.
  • There are difficulties that He stopped on the way before it came to us. We do not know it, but we thank Him for protecting us... Our thanksgiving, for saving us from certain affliction, is for something we can see. But thanksgiving for protecting us from it, is for something we cannot see.


Believe me, if God disclosed all the calamities we were exposed to, and He cast His face away from us, if He uncovered this, our whole life would not be enough to thank Him.

We give thanks for the hidden matters - which are in God's knowledge, and which we might know later, in time, or might never know. In all this, thanksgiving is mixed with love.


Another level is giving thanks always for all things, in which the whole life of man is to give thanks for whatever condition he lives in. The highest level of thanksgiving is to give thanks over tribulations.


Constant thanksgiving does not need a specific reason but it is enough that we are in God's care, and we are His children, and such feeling is connected with the life of submission. Our thanks do not absolutely depend on the specific condition in which we are.